During my multiple journeys with a camera in a foreign world, I have been drawn to the way people express and experience spirituality.

I have found that the practice of spirituality and the creation of spiritual art carry, for a photographer, a different form of intensity and beauty. That beauty is often amplified by the presence of transcendence and symbolism.

There was never a plan in photographing this series to do a study of spirituality or religion. These images are divergent, eclectic and subjective; a series of impressions in the spiritual realm loosely connected by a theme.

The task is not to capture the odd or strange, although it cannot be helped from time to time, but to use light, form and color as tools to hopefully capture the depth of meaning experienced in the realm of the spiritual.

  • Among the Hindus

  • With the Buddhists

  • Time With Islam

  • Aged Christian Interiors

  • Visiting Animists

  • In the Canyons